About us

We just do what gives us pleasure

Mariola and Andreas Reitzig from Berlin lead the Gutshof Dragefeld, are nature and horse lovers and invite you and your family to relax here at Gutshof Dragefeld!

Mariola Reitzig

* 1959, grew up on Gut Dragefeld. “In Berlin I got to know Andreas, my husband one of our first trips took us to Gut Dragefeld. My husband was immediately enthusiastic and we started to forge plans to transform the old dilapidated farm in thought. That was 1998. It still lasted until 2004 until we could implement our plans. ”

Andreas Reitzig

born in Berlin in 1951, grew up: “From my mother who grew up in Berlin as a daughter of a farmer, I inherited love for nature. Riding, hiking, fishing, skiing that was my youth.
At the age of 23 I became a real estate broker. At the age of 41 I started riding again. When I became acquainted with Gut Dragefeld, I immediately realized that it was time to start something new. I gave up the brokerage business in the same year and concentrated on the project Gut Dragefeld together with my wife. “